Sharpen Your Intuition With These Books

Sharpen Your Intuition With These Books

We all have intuition. We can manifest all the good things that we desire. But since we pay no heed to it, it appears as if you do not have it. But if you put to practice the various techniques, you should be able to use your intuition to the benefit of yourself and others.

Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson

The books tell us that every one of us has psychic abilities. We can all take messages and get into communication with the other universe. But it requires some subtle techniques for us to accept this surge of energy. The process helps you swell with hope and have a good outlook on life.

Intuitive Being by Jill Willard

This book tells us that it is all about balancing our energies and trusting ourselves. That way, we can connect to the higher power. It requires a lot of meditation and concentration on our part. In this way, we can unlock our power and become connected to all of the universe.

The Happy Medium by Kim Russo

The Happy Medium by Kim Russo

Taking messages from the dead can be overwhelming. In this book, you would know how the author had starting off with the journey of helping the souls communicate with their loved ones. Also, there is plenty of advice to communicate with your dead family members yourself and experience closure.

What the dead have taught me about living by Rebeca Rosen

You would learn about the whole life of a psychic and a medium when you read this book. You experience her ordeal and the tough time she has in maintaining her relationship while also serving the spiritual realm. You should understand how she sees everything in detail and the past work that she has done.

Many lives, Many masters by Brian L. Weiss, MD

The author is a psychiatrist. The story foes that he had a patient who was suffering from severe anxiety and nothing could fix her. But upon the completion of hypnotherapy, she realized her powers and used them to health others. It explores the whole process of finding out that one is psychic and other secrets of the universe that we might not have known about. This patient started providing some correct information and could relive her previous memories in detail.


When you read these books, you would understand how vast this world of psychics is. There are many other such books that can give you wonderful insights into the world of mediumship and psychics. But these books are a good starting point to learn about the lives of the psychics and use their tips to help you develop your intuition.