6 Most Common Myths About Real Psychics

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit skeptical before getting a free online psychic reading for the first time mystic psychics which wear white clothes. You probably ask yourself – are there any real psychics out here, or is it just a hoax? Unfortunately, society – as well as the entertainment industry – keep portraying the spiritual world the wrong way. Psychic mediums are often portrayed as one-eyed gypsies working in dark places – what a myth!

There are Halloween movies discussing this industry and negative videos, but at the same time, just like any other industry, the psychic industry is also targeted by certain scammers trying to take advantage of innocent people. All these things have contributed to the degrading profile of this field, yet there are lots of reputable, talented, and even famous psychics out there.

If you are not sure whether or not you should take your next online psychic readings seriously, here are some of the most common myths about this industry.

You cannot tell real psychics from fake psychics

You do not have to be a genius to make the difference between a real psychic and a fake one. A bit of common sense and some obvious indicators can help you tell straight away, whether you deal with face to face, phone psychic reading or chat psychic reading. Indeed, you do not have to see the psychic in person to be able to tell.

For example, pay attention to the methods a psychic uses. The advisor should be crystal clear regarding where they get the information from or what tools they use – crystal balls, tarot cards, and so on. Different psychics rely on different methods. If a psychic fails to tell you straight away, feel free to ask – if they blabber or avoid the answer, you are in the wrong place.

Other than that, even if you get a cheap psychic reading or a psychic reading free , you should not be asked for more money as you go through the meeting. Sure, online psychics work in a different way, and most of them will charge per minute. But other than that, asking for extra money for additional information is a red flag – step out and leave the reading.

Your best psychic reading is less likely to be 100% accurate. Psychics can be extremely accurate at times and slightly inaccurate at other times. It is perfectly normal. Your energy or their energy could be off, or perhaps you two are not vibing. An advisor promising 100% accuracy all the time is a fake one, so keep searching.

Finally, avoid fear tactics too and never allow a psychic to intimidate you.

Psychics cannot read your energy over long distances

This is a very common misconception among people and the main reason wherefore lots of people avoid getting their readings over the Internet. They do not like the idea of talking to psychics over the phone either. Instead, they would rather travel or limit themselves while dealing with a local psychic face to face – terrible mistake.

Not being in the same room as the psychic does not mean that they cannot read the energy or aura. While a popular concern, it is totally wrong. You may get a better and more accurate psychic reading over the phone or the Internet than in real life. At the end of the day, your energy does not necessarily have a physical location – it can be read anytime, anywhere.

Think about it for a minute – there are portals allowing psychics to provide their services online. Many of these psychics are then rated by their clients, whether they opt for a free psychic reading or a phone psychic reading. No matter how good you are at conning people, it is impossible to be accurate with hundreds or even thousands of people.

Every psychic out there has a particular way to connect to someone’s energy field. Some of the most popular methods imply hearing guidance, connecting to energetic planes or seeing visions. Some other psychics work with spiritual guides or use their intuition. Even if they are not next to you, they can get intelligence from their guides or your guides.

Sure, your energy field and aura are around your three-dimensional body. But at the same time, they can also be discovered and accessed inter-dimensionally.

A psychic can read literally everything about you

Some free psychic readings could get quite close to reading more about you than others, but this is not a general rule. Some people can get quite paranoid about it. Just because you are dealing with reputable online psychics, you should not worry that they are magicians. They cannot read your thoughts and they cannot see what you are wearing during a chat session.

These are only some misconceptions. Psychics are not able to pick on every piece of information about you. Instead, they will get certain clues and details about what you are interested in. Keep in mind that a psychic is unable to read your mind just like that. Instead, they will connect to your energy and analyze it for clues. They will then need to interpret those clues during your psychic reading.

Mediums and psychics represent the same thing

There are, indeed, some similarities between these two different categories of advisors. In fact, all mediums are psychics and can be referred to as psychic mediums. On the other hand, not all psychics are mediums. Being a medium implies picking a specialty. Since there are more specialties, you can obviously find psychics with different skills and capabilities.

Now, what does this specialty imply? Mediums can connect to the world beyond and get in touch with people who have passed away. According to mediums, it is perfectly normal for the physical form to die, while spirits still hang around in a different world. They will then search for those spirits and get hints from them.

Such online psychic readings will not help you find guidance or advice about your career or your love life. The specialty is crystal clear and can help you find closure after losing a loved one. This way, you will realize that your loved ones are still part of your life, even after actually leaving. Such a reading will also help you overcome the fear of death.

Mediums have been used in various industries, but especially in crime and investigation. In fact, their psychic abilities are often used to deal with unsolved crimes and mysteries.

You were a celebrity in your past life

Think about it for a moment – what are the odds? Digging into deeper details, you can also reach online psychics to learn more about your past life – or lives. After all, everyone has at least one past life. It is an interesting topic to dive into and can give you some deeper insights. There are more categories of psychics you can reach for such a free psychic reading.

For example, you could reach a tarot reader. Relationship, love, or spiritual reading can also give you some answers – just make sure the psychic you see can provide such a service. Why would you want to learn more about your past life? Simple – there are certain things out there that can still influence your current life. You need to find out what it is and how it can affect your life.

Now, you know you are in the wrong reading if the psychic tells you that you were someone in particular – a name, a position and so on. If someone tells you that you were Catherine the Great or Caesar, you are obviously in the wrong reading.

The future is written in stars

People often aim for free psychic reading because they need to know what the future has in store for them. This is not always the most efficient way to get something from your session. Even if you might get some hints and clues here and there, nothing is set in stone. The future is not written in stars, so never take anything for granted.

Sure, psychics can give you some ideas to help you prepare for something. But then, there are hundreds of actions you take – and hundreds of decisions you make – on a daily basis. Each of them will influence your destiny.


Bottom line, a bit of education of this industry will help you gain as much as possible from the best psychic reading. There are myths, misconceptions and fakes trying to alter this industry, but a real professional will always be authentic and give you a meaningful reading.